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'Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion' will be focusing on the practice of generating insight into one’s own state of mind.


The aim is to cultivate awareness and mindfulness of our actions by recognizing when the mind is distracted by emotions, attitudes and sensory stimulation.  We will discuss methods to reduce these distractions, thereby increasing the ability to focus single-pointedly.


Once a stable and calm mind is possible, we can then slowly peel back the layers of ego to develop a deeper level of insight into understanding the wisdom and Bodhichitta taught by the Buddha.

Drol Kar Sangha members will guide you and explain the techniques used in Buddhist Philosophy. If you attended the previous Easter Mindfulness Meditation retreat, this is a perfect opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge already learned.

People new to Buddhism will also benefit from learning and using Mindfulness and Compassion techniques in their everyday life.

Easter Weekend

Booking / Registration ESSENTIAL


Phone Drol Kar office:  5266 1788



Full payment required with booking (25% non-refundable)

Alternatively complete the form below and we will be in touch with you to organise registration for you and answer any questions, thank you!

Thanks for your interest.

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