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New Class on Tuesday Afternoons!

1st Tuesday of the month 1pm - 2pm

Vajrasattva Purification Practice


Vajrasattva is a powerful purification practice for removing obstacles and negativities of body, speech and mind.

In our current Monday and Tuesday teachings by Venerable Jampa,

we have been studying Karma and the law of cause and effect.

This practice is a method of transformation and is an adjunct to the teaching program. It is also suitable for beginners as no prerequisites are necessary.


For those who attended the Vajrasattva Initiation by Geshe Doga in 2022, this is an opportunity to practice the empowerment received.


Classes will be held on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 1:00pm – 2:00pm they will be led by Drol Kar senior students.


For those attending the 11:00am -12:00pm classes by Jampa la, why not bring your lunch, walk our beautiful gardens and stay for

the Vajrasattva practice?

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