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About Our Centre

About Us

Drol Kar Buddhist Centre was initially established in 1999 by Geshe Sonam Thargye and a group of his students in Geelong. It is a not for profit Incorporated Association with the sole purpose of providing Tibetan Buddhist teachings, dharma practice, meditation and study, in the Mahayana tradition.

Drol Kar Buddhist Centre is run by a committee of management under the guidance of spiritual director, Geshe Sonam Thargye. The centre functions through the generosity of its members, benefactors and volunteers.

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Resident spiritual director Venerable Geshe Sonam Thargye  founded Drol Kar Buddhist Centre in Geelong, Victoria. Geshe Sonam and the Drol Kar committee worked towards establishing a larger Buddhist centre in Moolap, and then again in 2005 established the beautiful property of Tushita Paraparap. Both centres have been blessed by HH 14th Dalai Lama.

Geshe Sonam Thargye also founded Nying-Jey Projects for Tibetan Communities and continues to work tirelessly to raise funds to improve the conditions for Tibetans in Tibet and in exile in India.

Since 2009 resident teacher Venerable Jampa Drolma offers regular Buddhist philosophy classes with senior students facillitating meditation and introductory classes.


Become a Volunteer

With about 4 acres of gardens at Paraparap, there is always something to do in the garden. A gardening session helps to keep the gardens looking at their best for everyone to enjoy. Come and join the gardening working bees (TBA) or be impromptu, whether it's a nice day, you are feeling active or just love gardening, you are welcome anytime. Please call ahead or notify upon arrival.

  • Gardening

  • Info Technology

  • Cleaning (gompa, toilets)

  • Newsletter production

  • Hospitality: tea making, serving lunch

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Door Person (meet and greet visitors etc)

  • Advertising/Media

  • Networking programs, fliers etc

  • Cooking (cakes,slices,soup etc)

  • Legal/OH&S

  • Maintenance/Odd jobs

  • Plumbing/electrical

  • Administration

  • Fundraising

  • Special Events organisation

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  • Drol Kar Insta
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