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Drol Kar membership.

Becoming a Member.

Drol Kar Buddhist Centre runs a comprehensive weekly teaching program, which can be attended by both members and non-members.

We are a non-profit organization and rely entirely on the support of members, friends and benefactors. Through your generosity we can ensure that the precious teachings continue to flourish.

We invite you to become a member of Drol Kar Buddhist Centre or to make a contribution towards supporting the centre. The contribution you make will have a lasting benefit as it will enable the centre’s activities to continue.


Contributions are used to:

- Support our resident teacher/s

- Expand the centre to accommodate teachers, sangha and the lay     community.

- Maintain the centre’s spiritual program, administration, and                   maintenance expenses.

- Continue charitable work such as the healing group.


Membership is one of the most useful ways that friends of the Drol Kar Centre can help support our activities.

Our members are the financial backbone of the Centre.

Membership entitlements are:

- Free admission to regular weekly teachings.

- Reduced fee for weekend special teaching programs and retreats.

- 10% discount on bookshop & Dharma items.

- Full use of our ever expanding library.

2024 Membership fees are:

Single $225

Concession $145

Family $325

Family concession $225


To join or renew as a Drol Kar member please fill out the information below:

  • Drol Kar Buddhist Centre Facebook
  • Drol Kar Insta
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