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The Crew


Spiritual Director

Geshe Sonam Thargye

Venerable Geshe Sonam is director and founder of Drol Kar Buddhist Centre. 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7299 Karen crop.jpg

Associate Director

Karen Mayer

Karen as associate director manages Drol Kar operations. Karen is a founding member.

Venerable Jampa resident teacher.jpg

Resident Teacher

Venerable Jampa Drolma

Venerable Jampa Drolma is part time resident and teacher at Drol Kar Buddhist Centre. 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7367 David sq.jpg


David Mayer

David 's committee role is treasurer. David is a founding member. 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7363 Linda c sq.jpg


Linda Chitham

Long time member Linda  makes the arrangements for meetings, including AGMs, and keeps minutes of all Drol Kar meetings. 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7317 Helen sq.jpg

Office Manager & Committee

Helen McKenzie

Drol Kar resident Helen manages the office , the grounds and maintenance and more and manages to work with Geshe Sonam.

  |  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7393 Sue sq.jpg

General Committee

Sue Baensch

Sue is a committee member, publishes the newsletter and social media . 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7322 tim crop.jpg

General Committee

Tim McDonald

Tim is a resident and committee member. 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

IMG_7379 Linda D sq.jpg

General Committee

Linda Diggins

Linda is a committee member and manages the DKBC website. Linda is a founding member. 

|  Tel: 03 52661788

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