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Saka Dawa Puja

Saturday 25 May 2pm

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Saka Dawa (Vesak) is a holy month when Buddhists commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death (parinirvana) of Buddha Shakyamuni.


This year Saka Dawa begins on May 9th and ends on June 6th, but the most holy and auspicious day is the full moon day of Saka Dawa which falls on Thursday May 23rd. It is believed that the merit of any good deeds you perform during this month, especially on the full moon day, is multiplied many times over - by as many as one hundred million times.


Saka Dawa is an excellent time to dedicate oneself to engaging in spiritually positive actions. It is not difficult nor time-consuming.


One can be mindful of one’s actions, mindful of speech and steering the mind in a positive direction. One can transform any action onto the path to enlightenment. Simply by transforming one’s attitude in the midst of daily activities, life becomes very meaningful.


Please bring offerings of food and drinks – anything edible such as biscuits, fruits, sweets, juice for offering of Tsog.

The Tsog offerings of food and drink are blessed during the ritual and then offered to all the participants. In this way it is also practice of generosity, with participants offering to the ritual and or the Sangha leading the recitation. You can also make offerings/donations to the individual Sangha after the puja.

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